Youth Camp 2014

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I’m trying to think of a way to explain what Youth Camp is, however, anyone who has actually attended can agree that there really is no way to explain this. The basics and my thoughts will have to suffice I suppose. Youth camp starts on Thursday evening and will end on Sunday morning. We’ll have services daily for our kids and there will be multiple churches in attendance. We’ll have Bowling, games, teams, competition, bible study, skits, song, possibly a giant slip and slide….Seriously. Bro. Brian Bridges will be our evangelist this year. We had a Youth Revival last year that was late in the summer/Early in the fall and invited Brian out to speak for that event and instantly the entire church had him in mind for Youth Camp this year. His ability to connect through humor, personal stories and metaphors has given him a unique ministry that is richly blessed by God. Please make time to attend the services at least, and if you have children we strongly encourage you make time to bring your children. I can’t possibly think of a rebuttal to allowing your child to grow closer to God.


Personally I’ve served in, I think, every position there is to serve in at Youth Camp. I’ve sat in the pews, sat on teams, lead teams, served in the kitchen, played the music, worked the sound board, made the slide show, directed the camp, chaired the service and preached the services. Each position has it’s challenges, it’s struggles and it’s fun. Each position has also given me a new unique experience with God. I’ve had people that I didn’t even know 48 hours ago hug me, tell me they love me and teach me about Christ. I’ve spoke to parents who dropped their kids off and can’t figure out what happens here but they know their kids are different on Sunday when they pick them up. I’ve watched kids cry at the altar and 10 years later lead the singing. 1 Peter 3:15 truly comes to life when a kid walks up to you wanting to talk, shares problems and struggles in their lives and fully expect you to have answers and the ability to give Godly advice to them. I’ve held children who wanted to give their hearts to the Lord and then in turn want me to pray with them that their mom and dad would also give their hearts to the Lord. Most importantly to me, it was a Saturday night at Youth Camp that I stepped out and gave my heart to the Lord.


Foolishly we imagine the name “Youth Camp” to somehow only apply to the Youth. I can honestly say that some of the biggest leaps and bounds I’ve made in my spiritual life has been through serving in some position at Youth Camp, not just in attending. Please, set Christ as the head of your house and make it a priority that your children come. Please consider volunteering to help serve in some position with Youth Camp. Even if it’s just cooking breakfast, trust me, It’s the most spiritual biscuit making you’ll ever find!


Love, Blessings, Devotion to Christ always

-Bro. Dave

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