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“DAD!!! YOU HAVE TO GIVE MOMMY AND ALAINA KISSES TO!”. This was shrieked at me as I was nearing the door to get my shoes today as I was heading back to work from lunch; after sharing a cheeseburger and some fries with a rather cute little 3 year old red-head I dared pick up my shoes before kissing my other girls. My children have blessed me with knowledge that even the finest professor in the largest university could never touch. I’ve learned that when you are rushed and running late for work you should check your shoes before you put them on; otherwise you may find a cold mushy banana waiting anxiously to squish between your toes. I’ve learned that it’s foolish to walk into a room that isn’t lit; more than likely there is some sharp, plastic object just waiting for your full weight to be placed upon it. I’ve learned that if your kid tells you that she has to go potty it would be unwise to assume that a 5 minute reaction time is suitable.

Kids change everything. There is no getting around it. What used to be considered a date was a nice evening out, perhaps to a lobster Restaurant located an hour north from here, a trip to the mall and a few other stores, possibly stop for a movie on the way home. Now we’ll settle for a nice romantic walk down to the curb while we’re taking the trash out on a Sunday night! Everything we have; Time/Money/Sleep/Attention is poured into our children. There is nothing here that is more important to us; so we gladly accept diapers that feel closer to water balloons, snotty noses, dirty hands trying to feed us and all the sights, sounds and…well…smells that come with our two kids. Our lives are dedicated to raising our children; We love our babies.

Often times we forget then that the Lord refers to us as our children. For some ridiculous reason we think that God is some sort of business partner and we’ll only show him our well dressed, proper side. I often times feel like an idiot in my spiritual life. I think “How in this world can I be doing this again, and there is no telling what God thinks about me now” as if he’s some sort of external judge who only sees the end result in my life. God sees my heart, not my actions. Just like I know by the raised eyebrows and the already sarcastic voice that I get from my daughter when I’m blocking the cartoons, God knows when we say “I love you” what we really mean. God knows when we know something is wrong, God knows when we do wrong, God knows how we feel, and God knows when we don’t. God sees us in the ugly, he sees us in the sweet, he sees us in the cute and he sees us in the I just rolled out of bed look. Just like I experience my daughters, God experiences us. Often times we feel like we have to hide those sights, sounds and smells from God; but know this, if he’s our father, he’s our father. He knows when things stink, he knows when things need to change, he knows when our feelings are hurt and he knows when we don’t understand. He knows our temptations, he knows what gets us upset and he knows just how to hold us when we need to be held.


More to come…Baby’s crying!

Your Brother in Christ always,

Bro. Dave


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